BRICS countries praise the outcomes of Russia’s Presidency

BRICS countries praise the outcomes of Russia’s Presidency
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The South African Government has praised the outcomes of Russia's BRICS Presidency in 2015, Nomasonto Maria Sibanda-Thusi, Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Russia, said at the opening of a business forum in Yekaterinburg.

"The South African Government notes with great satisfaction Russia's action-packed BRICS Presidency in 2015. Russia has set a high standard for India, which is to take up the presidency this year," the Ambassador pointed out, adding that Russia has been paying a lot of attention to crime prevention and healthcare development in BRICS countries. "This is highly gratifying. Let me emphasise that Russia remains a strategic partner for South Africa," she went on to say.

Earlier, India's Ambassador to Russia, Pankaj Saran, also praised the results of Russia's BRICS Presidency. "We view the BRICS as an important association of countries that matters on the global stage. In this regard, many multilateral initiatives were implemented during Russia's Presidency," he said, adding that India is currently conducting consultations with its Russian colleagues to ensure a smooth transition to its 2016 Presidency.